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Welcome to anyPiece.com!


Thank you for visiting anyPiece.com. In general, our tools will make your company much more agile by using four simple concept.

  1. Create - create simple thing that you might need
  2. Share - share your critical information with the right party with the right security
  3. Track - track and know what is happening around you and act accordingly to it
  4. Simple - who want to use complicate stuff? We want to make our system as simple yet powerful

Below would be list of functionality that you can get from anyPiece

Vendor Management System

  1. Create quotation
  2. Track their quotation
  3. Convert quotation into invoice
  4. Able to find vendor with creditable record
  5. Auto generate invoice to their customer when the billing time is reach *
  6. Receive quote/sales lead when company request for quote *
  7. Mass product recall for FDA compliance *
  8. Linking your confirm order back to your ERP system to enable few things
    1. Vendor Management Inventory
    2. Build per order

Customer Interfacing Management: Order Management

  1. Order-To-Build shopping cart system
  2. Membership system

Customer Interfacing Management: Reservation Management

  1. Tour/Transportation reservation system
  2. Facility reservation system
  3. Room reservation system

Inventory System 

  1. Dock-to-Dock warehouse management
  2. Receiving and dispatching
  3. Item segregation down to component level
  4. Multi-cost centre

We can't really list all but this is some of the common thing people are looking forward to.

How much does it cost to use this system?

We have 4 different packages

LITE edition (RM 0/month)

  1. Able to use limited function like quotation and invoice only
  2. Support only 1 users for one company
  3. Used for vendor who wish to submit invoice to the company and track their account receivable

User base edition (RM 100/user/month)

  1. Able to use all functionality
  2. There are no limit on number of user that we can support
  3. Identify base on user id
  4. No risk of getting kick out in the middle of the session

Concurrent User base edition (RM120/user/month)

  1. You can create as many user as you wish to have
  2. The system is controlled base on how many user can use the system at the same time. Example, if you have 5 concurrent user purchased, 5 user can use the system together. When the 6th person try to login, one of the connected user will be kick out from the system.

HA user base edition (RM250/user/month)

  1. Able to access the program at the highest speed from anywhere in the world*
  2. For user without internet, they can opt to sign up for smart-client edition of anyPiece*


If you wish to give your company a head start, just register yourself and register your company.By doing that, you will be in for lot of suprises.